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Why Does My Foot Pain Get Worse In Winter

Why Does My Foot Pain Get Worse In Winter? If you find winter a real pain in the foot you’re not alone. As the temperature drops to single digits and below, and the wind and rain sets in, clients have already started asking “why does the cold weather make my foot pain worse?”. Many people […]

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It’s time for an adventure but are my shoes up to it?

So you’ve got your next adventure planned, a lot of preparation has gone into that big trip. Maybe you are off overseas or starting bush walking. But have you stopped to think “is my footwear going to support my feet while I’m away?”. The last thing we want is to injure ourselves while we are […]

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7 Tips to Keep Your Heels Crack Free this Summer

Summer is the season for cracked heels! We opt to wear more open styled shoes or go barefoot (as it’s hot), leaving our feet more exposed & vulnerable to drying out. You can help prevent dry cracked heels over summer with these tips: 1. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture depleting elements.  Our natural oils can […]

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When is Plantar Fasciitis NOT Plantar Fasciitis?

So when is Plantar Fasciitis NOT Plantar Fasciitis? In my practice I see a lot of people who come in with heel pain, They will say something like my heel hurts: I think I’ve got plantar fasciitis I’ve googled it and I’ve got plantar fasciitis Or My friend, brother, Mum, etc has said I’ve got […]

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Could your nail polish be toxic?

Does My Nailpolish Really Contain That? One of the most popular ways to care for and pamper our feet is to have a pedicure,  whether in a salon or something you do for yourself at home.  My favourite part of a pedicure is deciding what colour to paint my toenails but until recently I hadn’t […]

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How to vote for us in the Trader Awards

Here’s how to vote for us in the Trader Awards. Voting closes Monday 2nd of September and just for voting you could WIN $1000 shopping voucher. First open the voting page at Then click on the TAKE SURVEY button Then select the “Best Heath, Wellness and Fitness” category Then choose “Foot & Leg Centre” […]

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Why You Should Do Foot Exercises

How important are the exercises we show you? Our practitioners recommend and prescribe short specific and targeted exercises as part of your corrective program. This is so that we help your tissues to rest, relax and rehabilitate.  Doing this allows your tissues to better support the structural imbalance/misalignment in your feet. You may have noticed […]

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Athlete’s Foot Treatment with Essential Oils

How to Treat Athlete’s Foot Naturally with Essential Oils Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a contagious fungal infection which affects the skin. It’s really common in the feet but can also spread to the toenails and hands.  The infection is easily spread by skin to skin contact. So walking barefoot in wet areas where an […]

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