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Why Does My Foot Pain Get Worse In Winter

Why Does My Foot Pain Get Worse In Winter? If you find winter a real pain in the foot you’re not alone. As the temperature drops to single digits and below, and the wind and rain sets in, clients have already started asking “why does the cold weather make my foot pain worse?”. Many people […]

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I want to wear beautiful shoes again

So you want to wear the shoes you love again…  “If I can’t wear nice shoes it’s a life changer! If I’m wearing a $500 outfit, the last thing I want to be wearing on my feet are a pair of sneakers or Sketchers!” Kerry S. 2022   What we wear can have a tremendous […]

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How to Fix and Prevent Preseason Shin Splints

How to Fix and Prevent Preseason Shin Splints The footy and netball season is fast approaching, which means pre-season training is here. This often means time trials and lots of running as you work towards maximising your fitness and conditioning your body for the upcoming season. This training can be gruelling and is often where […]

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What women don’t want over the Christmas holidays!

Hello happiness…goodbye sore feet Family get-togethers, Christmas parties, grocery shopping & meal preparations, end of school year concerts and chaotic shopping adventures…and if there’s any time left, you might just be able to squeeze that daily walk in – if your feet can handle it! It’s been a challenging year and you deserve to enjoy […]

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It’s time for an adventure but are my shoes up to it?

So you’ve got your next adventure planned, a lot of preparation has gone into that big trip. Maybe you are off overseas or starting bush walking. But have you stopped to think “is my footwear going to support my feet while I’m away?”. The last thing we want is to injure ourselves while we are […]

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7 Tips to Keep Your Heels Crack Free this Summer

Summer is the season for cracked heels! We opt to wear more open styled shoes or go barefoot (as it’s hot), leaving our feet more exposed & vulnerable to drying out. You can help prevent dry cracked heels over summer with these tips: 1. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture depleting elements.  Our natural oils can […]

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