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Frequently Asked Question’s & Facts

Is the treatment covered by health funds?

Consultation fees at the Foot & Leg Centre are reimbursed by most health fund providers.

Consultations with our practitioners are allocated under the following item codes with the health funds:

Initial Consultation – Podiatry code F004

Standard Consultation – Podiatry code F012

The Health Funds vary in their levels of coverage. Initial consultations are $107. Standard consultations are $82.00.

We recommend you check with your Health Fund to find out your level of cover.

How long will it take?

We work with your body to help improve pain from biomechanical and structural disorders of the foot, leg and associated areas. The body naturally restores joint cells approximately every 90 days. As such, damaged old cells are substituted with new cells. Clients can feel better much earlier than this, which is attributed to the results of the symptoms decreasing. The “proper” healing will take place in sync with the body, which is around about the 90-day mark.

It makes perfect sense when using your body’s natural restorative power to improve foot and leg pain that we work with the 90-day cycle. Due to this, we cannot achieve true healing results any quicker as this is governed by the physiological processes of the body.

In most cases, you will find that the amount of time required for treatment will be based upon:

  • Your level of joint misalignment
  • How long the joints have been misaligned
  • Your body’s compensation levels involving other joints and tissues

At the Foot & Leg Centre, the average time of treatment is two cycles of 90 days each.

How much does it cost?

Initial Consultation $107

Follow up Report Consultation $82

Regular Consultations $82

If you require long-term treatment, we will discuss the most cost effective options with you before you need to make any decisions.

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