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Foot Mobilisation Therapy

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Foot Mobilisation Therapy

At the Foot & Leg Centre, we have specialised in Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT) since 2002.

The Foot & Leg Centre works with your body to support it in repairing itself naturally and gently. Our hands-on Foot Mobilisation therapy is used to treat the source of your pain, rather than just the pain symptoms you’re experiencing.

FMT is a very gentle therapy that does not require surgery or medication. FMT works naturally and holistically with your body. It stimulates the body’s ability to repair and restore itself, helping to reduce pain and inflammation while restoring foot mobility, function and posture.

Our highly skilled practitioners check, assesses and, where required, apply a corrective mobilisation to your feet and legs. Every bone, every joint, every tissue in your feet is affected by every treatment you have. No other modality in the health profession addresses foot function as comprehensively and uniquely as mobilisation.

The treatment is similar to the mobilisation and manipulation your Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor would do for other areas of your body, such as the neck and back.  The practice of Foot Mobilisation Therapy is also recognised and accepted by the Australasian Podiatry Council and the Podiatry Registration Boards.

Initially, FMT is performed by your practitioner at more frequent intervals and extends out as mobility and return to activity is achieved. Once the initial treatment has been completed, a maintenance routine of 4-6 visits a year help’s your body to maintain good foot function and posture by being able to cope with everyday stresses of life.

Strengthening, stretching and proprioception exercises (Corrective Exercises) are also incorporated to ensure that changes made during your treatment are long lasting.

FMT in some cases can provide patients with an alternative option to orthotics or surgery.

At the Foot & Leg Centre we work gently with your body, ensuring that we use its natural restorative ability to produce results. Every time you receive a foot mobilisation treatment, you will experience:

  • The joints becoming more mobile. Treatment breaks up the adhesion within the area that prevents joint mobility from operating at peak performance.
  • Posture becomes more stable by promoting the body’s balancing system to function more effectively.
  • Muscles surrounding the joints becoming stronger. This is due to the revitalisation of the nerve messages from the brain to the muscles involved.
  • Pain messages are reduced. This is done by motivating the mechanoreceptors of the joint and preventing the Type IV nociceptor impulses.

In other words, FMT is the most effective way to treat the cause of your problem and make the changes last for the long term!


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