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Christmas feet

What women don’t want over the Christmas holidays!

Hello happiness…goodbye sore feet Family get-togethers, Christmas parties, grocery shopping & meal preparations, end of school year concerts and chaotic shopping adventures…and if there’s any time left, you might just be able to squeeze that daily walk in – if your feet can handle it! It’s been a challenging year and you deserve to enjoy […]

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Feet out car window

7 Tips to Keep Your Heels Crack Free this Summer

Summer is the season for cracked heels! We opt to wear more open styled shoes or go barefoot (as it’s hot), leaving our feet more exposed & vulnerable to drying out. You can help prevent dry cracked heels over summer with these tips: 1. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture depleting elements.  Our natural oils can […]

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Michael Sarunic Assessing a Foot

Why You Should Do Foot Exercises

How important are the exercises we show you? Our practitioners recommend and prescribe short specific and targeted exercises as part of your corrective program. This is so that we help your tissues to rest, relax and rehabilitate.  Doing this allows your tissues to better support the structural imbalance/misalignment in your feet. You may have noticed […]

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Heel Pain Playing Golf

Heel Pain Playing Golf?

Suffering With Heel Pain Playing Golf? Here’s 3 Things You Can Do To Start Enjoying Your Golf Again – Without Heel Pain!  Do you agree that golf is quite a unique game? It can be so pleasurable and yet so painful at the same time? Just trying to hit a tiny ball 400 yards into […]

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Take a Walk

Why Walking is the Best Form of Exercise for Weight Loss

Top 4 Reasons Why Walking is the Best Form of Exercise for Weight Loss (and SIMPLE tips to help keep you on your feet and moving towards your walking and weight loss goals) Spring is here, the sun is shining and its time to KISS that “exercise” demon goodbye and shed a few winter kilos. […]

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Knee joints crackle and pop

Why do my knee joints crackle and pop?

Why do my knee joints crackle and pop? So your knee joints crackle and pop … and you don’t eat Rice Bubbles? Musical knees are experienced by many people. The sound you hear when your knee joints crackle and pop is gas escaping from the synovial fluid surrounding the joint. It can occur when a […]

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