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Mother and daughter balancing on train tracks

Can Feet Affect Your Balance?

Can Feet Affect Your Balance? There can be many causes of poor balance. Such as inner ear (vestibular) issues, some medications and medical conditions eg low blood pressure (hypotension). Even being dehydrated can affect your balance. But can your feet affect your balance? In short – YES. Poor balance could be caused by your feet? […]

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Worn Car Tyre

The alignment of your feet maybe causing your foot pain

Why are our feet like wheels on a car? “Foot pain and many of the painful symptoms that people feel in their feet and legs often relates to an alignment problem” Michael Sarunic As a car guy, I love anything to do with cars. I have a couple of budget classic cars (one pictured above) which I’ve […]

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Taping of achilles tendon

Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Achilles Pain

Suffering with Achilles Pain is no fun! Having a healthy and well-functioning Achilles tendon is very important for normal walking and avoiding Achilles Pain.  The Achilles tendon joins the calf muscle at the back of your leg to your heel bone (calcaneus). In our anatomy picture below the long white part is the Achilles tendon […]

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