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Orthotic Therapy

What are orthotics?

Feet and orthoticsShoe inserts or orthotics are designed to support the foot in a better bio-mechanical position.

They can be hard to fit into footwear, especially women’s footwear. Consequently this can limit the choice of shoes available.

Many of our clients see us because wearing orthotics has not given them the results they wished for. They are looking for a better alternative.

Orthotics are much like glasses for your eyes. When you wear your glasses, you can see better, but it doesn’t correct the cause of your problem.

Orthotics are similar as they only support you in a better position. They don’t fix the underlying cause of your foot problem. This is why you can feel better when you wear your orthotics only to have the problem return when you don’t.

Since an orthotic supports the foot this can interfere with the normal functioning of the joints and muscles.

Some medical experts say that this strengthens the muscles, others suggest it weakens the muscle and joints. You may find over time you need more support from your orthotics to get the same benefit. This suggests weakening of the muscles and bio-mechanical deterioration in function has occurred.

At the Foot & Leg Centre, we correct the underlying cause of your foot problems through Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT) and Corrective exercises. This corrects any imbalances in your foot, so that your body doesn’t need to rely on any outside source to hold it in place.

Where are orthotics needed?

There are times in our treatment where orthotics are recommended. These are some of the conditions that are not appropriate to treat with Foot Mobilisation Therapy and corrective exercises:

  • The joint is extremely mobile and stability is needed. Instead of Joint Mobilisation Therapy, stabilisation is required.
  • The bones are fused together and no amount of joint mobilisation will help.
  • The difference between the length of the client’s legs is excessive.
  • The client is not able to carry out the recommended corrective treatment plan that is required.

In these situations, we will prescribe cost effective prefabricated orthotic insoles or where needed design and manufacture in-house customised orthoses, made from state of the art materials, which are comfortable and easy to wear.

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