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Say Goodbye to Foot & Leg Pain…

If you are suffering with painful feet, heels or bunions and you’ve finally had enough and need a solution for your pain or you are dissatisfied with your current treatment options and the results you are getting then the Foot & Leg Centre is the right choice for you.

Let our highly skilled foot and leg experts transform your life one step at a time. Our natural ‘hands-on’ foot mobilisation techniques and targeted corrective exercises work with your body and physiology to identify and correct the underlying cause of your foot pain and put a spring back in your step fast.

Unlike traditional treatments of specialised shoes, orthotic insoles, medication or surgery, our therapies are non-invasive, safe and provide you lasting results that create happy, pain free feet empowering you to wear the shoes you love and enjoy your life to the full again.

You only get one set of feet!

Did you know that, on average, you take a staggering 10,000 steps every day? This is why our feet and legs have to be healthy and strong and able to cope with the demands we place on them.

Your feet are your foundations. The health and function of your feet can impact your entire body. We’re here to make sure your feet and legs last a lifetime by addressing the true cause of your problem.

Just like wheels on a car, we expertly check your alignment to find out if the bones of your feet have been displaced. Remember, everything works best when it’s in the right place!

When your joints are in the right place, your body can work again as nature intended. NO MORE PAIN!

By getting to the cause of your problem and working with your body, we aim to resolve problems without the use of orthotics, surgery or medication.

As with all living matter, the body also progresses or regresses. It regenerates or degenerates. It is always in a constant state of flux. And, while the body is constantly adapting to its surroundings, if it is not actually progressing, the simple fact is that it will slowly degenerate until it does not work anymore.

Whether it is at work, while playing sport or just living your normal daily life, your body is constantly exposed to stress and force. When these external forces are prolonged and excessive the joints of your feet and legs can become displacement and injury can result. In these instances, your body is no longer able to adapt to forces being placed on it and can result can be pain and dysfunction

Our caring, award-winning team are here to help you. Our practitioners look to the cause of your problem and then assist you in attaining long term, positive results renewing your sense of health and wellbeing.

Why does the Foot & Leg Centre exist?

The Foot & Leg Centre was founded in 2002 in response to market demand. People no longer wanted to be passive consumers of healthcare. Dissatisfied with the mainstream options available to them (orthotic therapy), people wanted an alternative and they wanted to be proactive.

This sent founder and then director of the Foot & Leg Centre, Ted Jedynak, on a mission. He literally scoured the globe to find a proven alternative that would satisfy his patients. People have voted with their feet ever since and the Foot & Leg Centre now leads the world in a treatment modality that profoundly changes people’s lives for the better.


Let us transform your life one step at a time!

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