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Child with Sever's Condition Heel Pain

“Mum! My heel’s Sore!” Could be Sever’s Disease?

“Mum! My heel’s sore!” Could be Sever’s Condition? Sever’s disease or more appropriately Sever’s condition is really common cause of heel pain in children. As a parent (or grandparent) you may have had your child or grandchild complain of a sore heel and start limping – seemingly out of the blue!  They can have difficulty […]

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Preparing for cryotherapy

Can Cryotherapy Help My Feet?

Can Cryotherapy help my Feet? Cryotherapy is emerging as a popular treatment option for many different kinds of problems. Areas such as beauty and anti-aging, health and wellness, sports and fitness and also weight loss show benefit. But can Cryotherapy help with your foot and leg pain? We sent our practitioners Michael Sarunic and Tito […]

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Foot and Leg Centre Team Photo

Team Bali Adventure 2018

Foot and Leg Centre Team Bali Adventure 2018! We all know that it’s so important in life to take some time out. Time away from the hustle and bustle and the everyday routines. Time away gives perspective, clarity and calm. It creates space to be creative, focussed and vulnerable. Recently, the Foot & Leg Centre […]

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Largest image of human foot (zoomed)

Fun Foot Facts and Records

Fun Foot Facts and Records Our feet truly are amazing! Not only do our feet make up 25% of all the bones in our body (26 bones in each foot), our feet have 250,000 sweat glands and almost 8,000 nerves. They are also responsible for some weird and wonderful world records, listed by ‘Guinness World […]

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Good Nutrition for Healthy Feet

GOOD NUTRITION FOR HEALTHY FEET Have you ever thought about the foods you eat affecting your feet? If you are like most people you understand the benefits of eating healthy foods to maintain good health. We think about food in relation to weight management and heart health, but not typically our foot health. What’s interesting […]

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