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Can Cryotherapy Help My Feet?

Can Cryotherapy help my Feet?

Cryotherapy is emerging as a popular treatment option for many different kinds of problems. Areas such as beauty and anti-aging, health and wellness, sports and fitness and also weight loss show benefit. But can Cryotherapy help with your foot and leg pain? We sent our practitioners Michael Sarunic and Tito Pignetti to Minus 110 on Hutt Street to road test this treatment option.

Whilst Michael and Tito do not have any foot or leg pain, there are other areas of their bodies that they were having trouble with. Michael has tennis elbow problems as a result of many years of repetitive strain, meaning his muscles have worked overtime for a long time. Consequently he has problems with the soft tissue around his elbow joint. Although stopping the actions that caused him pain helped they didn’t completely resolve his elbow issues, so he was hoping Cryotherapy would improved his elbow.

Tito has had a shoulder issue for years causing reduced range of motion. He has tried many types of treatments in the past to help it, including dry needling, Spinology and massage. Whilst these have helped, he doesn’t have full movement in the shoulder joints.

Many of our clients come and see us with pain in their feet and legs, caused by repetitive strain (just like Michael’s tennis elbow) or reduced joint range of movement (like Tito’s shoulder).  When your feet and leg bones are out of alignment, they are not working in their optimal position. This can cause damage to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) around the feet and leg structures, causing pain.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy comes from the Greek words ‘Cryo’ meaning ‘cold’, and ‘Therapy’ meaning ‘cure’. Cold therapies have been utilised since as early as the 17th century to help alleviate pain.

Whole Body Cryotherapy consists of brief exposure to cold air in a special temperature controlled cryochamber where air is maintained at -110. There is also targeted cryotherapy where a cold temperature is only exposed to a targeted area. Cryotherapy is an alternative to cold water immersion or ice packs and is much more comfortable than an ice bath or traditional forms of cold therapy, whilst delivering supercharged results.

How can Cryotherapy help with my foot pain?

Exposure to cold temperature in the cryochamber triggers a desirable physiological response of the body. The temperature receptors in the skin send information to the brain which responds with an attempt to restore balance. The brain attempts to maintain core temperature by carrying out vasoconstriction (contraction) of blood vessels keeping blood in the body’s core protecting the vital organs.

After the 3 minute treatment is completed, the blood vessels vasodilate and there is increased blood flow to the skin and extremities. During this process, blood becomes enriched with oxygen, nutrients, and there is release of endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins. All of these things help to repair damage to the soft tissue.

Whilst Foot Mobilisation Therapy corrects the structural problems associated with foot and leg pain, the soft tissue damage can take a long time to repair. Cryotherapy, along with your foot and leg adjustments, can give you the extra boost needed to quicken the recovery of those soft tissues.

What are the benefits of Cryotherapy?

Whole body Cryotherapy can be an effective treatment for rheumatoid conditions, inflammation and accelerated post-surgical recovery time. Top athletes and sporting teams have adopted this form of therapy to increase athletic recovery post training, with Crows, Power and 36ers players all using the services at Minus 110.

Cryotherapy can:

  • Accelerates muscle and soft tissue healing
  • Reduce symptoms of soft tissue damage
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and lactic acid accumulation
  • Provides pain relief and pain elimination
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Assists in regulation of sleep behaviour
  • Assists in the elimination of harmful metabolic by-products
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Helps reduces the effects of jetlag
  • Pain relief and pain elimination for extended periods of time

What were Tito and Michael’s results?

Michael and Tito are in the middle of a 10 week treatment plan. So far, Michael has noticed an improvement in his pain levels when actively using his elbow. He is feeling improvements with each subsequent visit. Tito’s shoulder has improved also, specifically his range of motion in his shoulder joints. He was never able to clasp his hands behind his back, which he can now do with ease.

If you are unsure whether Cryotherapy is right for you, please speak to your practitioners at the Foot & Leg Centre or get in touch with Minus 110. Marta and her team will be able to talk to you about your concerns and ascertain what benefits they feel you will experience from Cryotherapy.


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