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As a heel pain sufferer, you’ll understand how incredibly frustrating heel pain can be. Some days you wake up and the heel pain is not too bad yet on other days it can feel like someone is sticking a knife in the bottom of your foot. It seems to start to improve only to come back with a vengeance. Simple tasks like keeping up with the kids gets harder, standing on your feet at work hurts, your friends keep asking you why you are limping and going for a walk and exercising can be near impossible.

If this is your daily routine, then you’re not alone. Heel pain is an incredibly frustrating condition that impacts many Australian’s every day and is one of the most common conditions that we see and successfully treat. Simply click the orange button to secure your comprehensive no-obligation heel pain evaluation and we’ll show you how to fix this pesky problem once and for all.

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve finally had enough and need a solution for your pain once and for all, or you are dissatisfied with your current treatment options and the results, then the Foot & Leg Centre is the right choice for you.

Let our highly skilled foot and leg experts transform your life one step at a time. Our natural ‘hands-on’ foot mobilisation techniques and targeted corrective exercises work with your body and physiology to identify and correct the underlying cause of your foot pain and put a spring back in your step fast.

Unlike traditional treatments of specialised shoes, orthotic insoles, medication or surgery, our therapies are non-invasive, safe and provide you lasting results that create happy, pain free feet empowering you to wear the shoes you love and enjoy your life to the full again.

The 4 Steps to Being Heel Pain Free


Your Problem:  We take the time to understand your problem. Without doing this, we cannot tailor our treatment plan to your specific condition. Only when we identify the cause of your foot and leg pain can we then work out the most suitable treatment plan. We want to know what it is you've done and what pain you are feeling.


Foot Mobilisation Therapy:  We use Foot Mobilisation Therapy.  It is very efficient in terms of the time it takes to produce results. With treatment lasting a few minutes, benefits can be felt for 48 to 72 hours. Positive effects will be felt for longer once the treatment is repeated.


Corrective Exercise:  At the Foot & Leg Centre, Foot Mobilisation Therapy is performed in tandem with Corrective Exercise. These two treatment types work together, increasing your results. At the Centre, we also provide you with guidance in terms of the exercise you should do to keep up the results and ensure they are lasting. Corrective Exercise helps three main things - joint stabilisation, muscle strength and stretching.


Your Body's Response:  Once treatment is undertaken, our trained practitioners assess the impact and effects that the treatment has had upon your body and condition. The results from this will direct your treatment plan further. If an x-ray was taken before treatment begun, a post-treatment x-ray will also provide insight into your body's response to the therapy.

Consultation fees at the Foot & Leg Centre are reimbursed by most health fund providers.

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