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Our caring, highly skilled and experienced practitioners and staff treat your foot and leg pain using Foot Mobilisation Therapy, Corrective Exercise and Manual therapy -- no medication, no surgery and no orthotics. Using these, we successfully treat your foot and leg pain where other treatments have failed, particularly orthotics.


We specialise in Foot Mobilisation Therapy to treat the origin of your foot and associated pain, such as arch, ankle, heel and lower back. We work with your body to provide natural, hands-on therapy that helps in correcting your joints that are misaligned and improving the pain that is felt as a result we gain a complete understanding of you and your condition before we even begin treatment.

Our practitioners and treatment includes a number of steps, the first being a comprehensive review of your condition and cause of pain (View our Care Journey here). We will then determine the best therapy plan to help improve your pain. A part of our service is Corrective Exercise that makes the muscles stronger, providing results that really last. Our staff will guide you with these exercises to ensure you continue to receive the benefits well into the future.

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