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Everyone knows that preventing injury is better than having to fix it. However, it seems to be human nature in many cases that we still ignore our body’s warning signals.

The advice when it comes to this is, if you are not sure of whether there is a problem, have it checked before it does become a serious issue.

You are the first step in solving your foot and leg condition. The cost and time of having a highly trained professional examine you is meagre compared to letting an injury go and having to spend so much more time and money down the track.

On the other hand, if the consultation / examination route is not the option you immediately take, follow these tips below to help yourself*:

  • In most instances, rest, ice compression and evaluation (RICE) can be used to alleviate inflamed painful spots if they are only short-term conditions.
  • Ice massage for sore heels and arches. To reduce the inflammation, use a frozen bottle of water and roll your foot over the top for approximately twenty minutes.
  • Check out the different type of footwear that can be used for support. There are retailers that can help with footwear selection and provide advice in relation to padding, stability and the like (for example, The Athlete’s Foot).

* Not to be used as substitute for medical advice



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