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Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise is at the core of our gentle therapy at the Foot & Leg Centre. Because your muscles are at the heart of joint movement, stabilisation and pain improvement, they are extremely important to successful treatment.


In order for optimal joint movement, muscles must not just be strong, they must be harmonised and balanced when moving – otherwise problems arise. When compensation is present because imbalance has occurred in other areas, painful conditions result.

It is the Corrective Exercise used in conjunction with Foot Mobilisation Therapy that ensures your results are long term. Because the exercise is tailored to your condition,rather than being provided with a generic set of exercises, outcomes are maximised. Joint stabilisation is the primary goal and through corrective exercise we can achieve stronger and more mobile joints that achieve this end goal.

In order to support Foot Mobilisation Therapy using corrective exercise, the Foot & Leg Centre provides clients with a customised Fitter Feet program -- a tailored program that producesoptimal muscle strength.



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