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Corrective Care


Joint displacement in the foot and legs can cause significant pain and stress to you and your body. At the Foot & Leg Centre we help your body with Foot Mobilisation Therapy to naturally repair those areas in the foot and leg that have been compensating due to displacement. We offer a different type of treatment that understands your condition, treats the cause and works where other treatments you’ve had have not.

Where possible, Foot Mobilisation Therapy provides an alternative to orthotics, meaning that clients don’t have to wear any type of special shoe, inserts or supports. We provide you with the freedom to choose your own footwear.

Based on the principle that your body will function at its optimal best when all components are in their correct position, Corrective Care works with your body rather than telling it what to do. When subluxation occurs, your body will then compensate to achieve normal movement, which ultimately leads to the pain and other conditions you feel. The problem is that other therapies do not look at the subluxation or the source of the problem. As such, they only produce short-term outcomes.

This is not the case at the Foot & Leg Centre. We gain a full understanding of your situation and condition, working out the root cause of your problem. Once this is identified, we also provide you with the knowledge and skills to be able to maintain the results and experience long-term benefits.


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