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Progressive / Regressive

As with all living matter, the body also progresses or regresses. It regenerates or degenerates. It is always in a constant state of flux. And, while the body is constantly adapting to its surroundings, if it is not actually progressing, the simple fact is that it will slowly degenerate until it does not work anymore.


Whether it is at work, while playing sport or just living your normal daily life, there will be times when your body is exposed to accident and becomes injured. This is when joint displacement or subluxation occurs. In these instances, this means one thing -- your body is no longer able to adapt to its surroundings and the force being placed upon it. The end result is pain and foot and leg disorders.

This is where the Foot & Leg Centre is on hand to help you. Our practitioners assist you in attaining your highest level of progression – only then is your body able to adapt to surrounding forces and you can enjoy a quality of life.


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