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Our Team

The Foot & Leg Centre was founded in 2002 in response to market demand. People no longer wanted to be passive consumers of healthcare. Dissatisfied with the mainstream option available to them (orthotic therapy), people wanted an alternative and they wanted to be proactive.

This sent founder and director of F&LC, Ted Jedynak, on a mission. He literally scoured the globe to find a proven alternative that would satisfy his patients. People have voted with their feet ever since and F&LC now leads the world in a treatment modality that profoundly changes people’s lives for the better.


Ted Jedynak
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Ted is founder and owner of the Foot & Leg Centre and is a Board Certified and Registered Podiatrist.

For over thirty years, Ted has been on a mission to find better ways to help his patients. To achieve this, Ted has scoured the world to find proven solutions for patients who have found no relief from conventional treatments (including orthotics).

During his stellar career, Ted has been both a Visiting Fellow and Clinical Consultant at Queensland University of Technology’s specialist clinic. He is also in demand to teach nationally and internationally his pioneering skills in Foot Mobilisation Therapies (FMT).

Due to his intense involvement in this specialisation, Ted is one of the world’s most experienced foot mobilisation therapists.
Mike Talbot
Mike is a Senior Practitioner at the Foot & Leg Centre and is a Board Certified, Registered Podiatrist.

With a career spanning of over nearly two decades, Mike has been an advocate of Foot Mobilisation techniques and therapy since 2005, with a particular area of interest being in manual therapies. Holding qualifications in therapeutic massage, sports massage, reflexology and shiatsu in order to be able to provide clients with holistic care.
Tito Pignetti
Tito is a Senior Practitioner with over fifteen years experience. Tito is a registered remedial therapist who has used his refined manual therapy skills to help our clients since 2002. Tito is well known for having the 'best hands in the business'!
Ben Lynch
Experienced in the field of podiatry since 2009, Ben is a Board Certified and Registered Podiatrist. With an interest in manual therapies stemming from his university learnings, his research in the field of foot mobilisation is considerable. By applying this knowledge, Ben holistically assists clients to improve foot and leg pain.
Emily Wilson
Emily is renowned for her infectious smiles and graciously assists clients at the Centre, every step of the way on their road to recovery. A mum to three children, Emily is an experienced care provider and is here to help you get your life back.
Raquel Buckley
Raquel ensures your experience at the Centre is smooth and stress-free. Mum to two teenagers, Raquel is well equipped to confront any challenge that comes along.
Jane Strachan
As an assistant at the Foot & Leg Centre, Jane possesses extensive experience in helping people and is on hand to provide any information you require to help you reach your health goals. Renowned for her contagious laugh, Jane is both compassionate and dedicated to all clients at the Centre.
Wendy Herriot
Wendy's warm and caring personality will ensure your visit to the Centre is delightful. Wendy is dedicated to helping you get back to what's important to you.
Dee Talbot
A member of the Glenelg Foot & Leg Centre, Dee is on hand to ensure your visits to the Centre are streamlined and hassle-free. Mastered in the art of organisation due to being mum of two small boys, Dee always provides a warm welcome. 
Emma Laube
With the important role of administration, Emma has been with the Centre since 2002. Emma keeps the cogs turning smoothly and efficently with her critical 'back of office' role. Emma is a real gem who keeps all on our toes!
Lil Jedynak
Lil is the Foot & Leg Centre’s Co-Director. In this role, Lil is responsible for delivering the highest standards of quality care at the Centre. With significant PR experience, Lil holds five degrees from tertiary institutions – one of which is a PhD. A key contributor to all aspects of the Centres, including their relaxing aesthetics.


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