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Our Approach


The Foot & Leg Centre works with your body to support it in repairing itself naturally and gently. Our hands-on Foot Mobilisation therapy is used to treat the source of your pain, rather than just the pain symptoms you’re experiencing. We want to know what it is your experiencing and what type of unsuccessful treatments you have previously tried.

Because of this, our treatment is distinctive in Australia!

We provide Foot Mobilisation Therapy to identify and fix joint misalignment. In the process, we work gently with your body to strengthen muscles and ensure that repair and restoration is long term.

At the Foot & Leg Centre, we go through a number of steps in order to provide you with the best solution for your foot and leg pain, including:

Step 1: Understanding Your Problem
When we initially meet, we get to know you; what your problem is; and, what the cause of your foot or leg pain is. We want to know what is going on with your body and what type of treatment you have previously tried. Once we know you and have thoroughly understood the problem,then we can present a treatment plan that is ideal for your condition.

Step 2: Foot Mobilisation Therapy
Once a plan is worked out, our practitioners will begin the therapy. Together, Joint Mobilisation and Corrective Exercise ensures that your body is in the best positon possible to undertake its own natural repair process. Every time you partake in foot mobilisation, you will experience:

  • Joint mobility improvements by freeing the area of adhesions and other restrictions that are preventing mobility.
  • Postural stability will be enhanced through promotion the body’s proprioceptive (balancing) system to work better.
  • Muscles around the joint will become stronger by increasing the muscle to nerve messages.
  • The pain messages that are sent to the brain will also be decreased via joint stimulation.

The best thing about Joint Mobilisation is that very short treatments can produce results that last between 48 to 72 hours and, once treatment is done regularly, results are experienced for longer periods of time.

Step 3: Exercise to Strengthen & Stretch
A key component of your treatment at the Foot & Leg Centre, Corrective Exercise is used in conjunction with Foot Mobilisation to improve the outcomes even more. Our team will inform you of what and how in terms of exercise to ensure your results are maintained and are long term. Stabilisation of the joint, stretching and muscle strengthening are all targeted.

Step 4: Post-Therapy Review
We need to know how you and your body are responding to the treatment. For this reason, we routinely check on how things are going following therapy. Where applicable, before and after x-rays are examined to work out the level of structural correction that has occurred.

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