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The highly trained team of professionals at the Foot & Leg Centre provide gentle treatment plans for a broad array of biomechanical disorders within your feet, legs and associated areas. Because of these conditions, you can experience pain right throughout the feet, heels, arches, ankles, knees, legs, hips and lower back. Joint Mobilisation Therapy also provides pain improvement for such conditions when all other treatments have failed. 

When foot joints are misaligned, the pain can traverse all the way up to the lower back. And, Foot Mobilisation Therapy not only treats the root of problem, it simultaneously eliminates the pain as well.

While we treat the widest range of foot and leg conditions at the Foot & Leg Centre, it is always advisable to discuss your condition with us first. Once your condition has been assessed and the origin of the pain identified, a practitioner will then work with you to present the best treatment option for you. We want to understand you, your condition and find out what lifestyle factors might be contributing to your foot and leg pain.


Conditions that the Foot & Leg Centre treats include:


Bunions.These include an enlarged big toe bone / joint.
Hammer / Claw toes. These occur when the foot is used excessively to clutch the ground.
Excessive Pronation. Occurs when there is abnormal rolling in of the ankles and lowering of the arch.
Morton’s Neuroma. Often caused as a result of a typical nerve sheath pressure, this condition involves electrical sensations that shoot all the way from the ball of the foot to the toes.
Aching feet
Flat feet
High arches
Achilles Tendonitis
Compartment syndrome
Shin Soreness
Sore calf

Achilles Tendon
Bruised Heel
Heel spur
Plantar fasciitis

Rolling-in ankles
Sprained ankles
Sore ankles
Weak ankles

Cartilage Problems
Knee Joint Pain
Patella Syndrome

Hip arthritis
Ilio Tibial Band (ITB)
Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD)

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